This weekend is Pop-Up Gen Con at Gamezenter, so it seems a good time to go over the logistics and formalities of attendance, answering such questions as:

  • Do I need a badge to get in?
  • Do I need a badger?
  • What am I supposed to do with this badger?

Welcome to Gamezenter

When you walk through the front doors of Gamezenter, you may see signs of construction: subtle hints like an entire wall missing where we’re expanding the cafe and gaming area. You may feel the urge to explore beyond the protective plastic curtain, but please don’t. It’s dangerous back there. There are badgers.

Instead, please follow the banners through the store to the newly-remodeled event area at the back of the store, where Pop-Up Gen Con awaits in all its glory.

Welcome to Gen Con

At the doorway to event area, please stop and check in.

If you’re registered, you’ll get an official Gen Con badge, an equally-official lanyard, and a bag full of goodies. If you’re not registered, you can still check in as an official “walk-in” attendee – or go online to purchase a badge, if you’d like. Either way, you don’t need a badge (or a badger) to come inside.

Play Some Games

If you’ve previously signed up for any events (we’ve got a big list of events here), please present your ticket to the person running the event. If you’d like to participate, but don’t have a ticket, stick around to see if there’s space available after all the ticket-holders are accounted for.

In addition to events, we’ve got tables of games just waiting for you to come play them. Check out a demo of the latest hotness from Cubicle 7, Catan, Z-Man, or Fantasy Flight Games. And don’t forget the pile of official Gen Con demo games!

Magic and Keyforge

Are you looking for the Magic pre-release? Or the Keyforge Archon event? You’ll find them in the Gen Con area as well, where they will be contributing to the Gen Con gamer vibe, while avoiding the missing wall and wild badgers.