Norsca Rampagers releases 4/23 for Blood Bowl.

Okay, we’ll admit to being maybe, just the littlest bit, biased about this set. Being a Minnesota game store, we definitely think that there should be vikings on the gridiron.

But local influences aside, we’d still be talking about this fantastic revamp of the classic Norse team. There’s nothing a Norseman likes more than a good scrap on the pitch. And when that’s the case, you bring…

Speed with Valkyries,

Punishment with Berserkers,

More punishment with Ulfwereners,

and refreshment with… Beer Boars? Yep, gotta be ready for every situation.

For the first time in plastic, we’ve got everything you need to field the roughest, drinkingest, Northernest Blood Bowl team that’s been seen in a giant’s age. Stop in for everything you need, cards, pitches, dice, figures, rules, to get scrapping. Available 4/23/22.