The new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is arriving July 3 with the appearance of the new Dominion boxed set, but you can learn about it (and pre-order your copy) right now!

A Darkening World

For the uninitiated, the Age of Sigmar is set in the Mortal Realms: eight elemental worlds struggling to fight their way free of the Chaos Gods. 

In the new edition, a terrifying shadow has fallen across the Mortal Realms. Ancient gods of murder and earthquakes are rising to power, bringing with them a tide of chaos minions and hordes of orruks. What’s more, the Stormcast Eternals have been all but cut off from the source of nigh-immortality. No longer do they descend like lightning to strike at the heart of the enemy, but now commit to holding ground in the face the endless onslaught.

New Face and Foes

The Dominion boxed set introduces two new factions. The Kruleboy orruks are the most cunning of the greenskins, dedicated to brutal tactics and endless looting. On the side of Order, the Thunderstrike Stormcasts wear mystical armor that, if they fall in battle, unleashes a titanic blasé of divine energy.

Dominion Revealed

The Dominion boxed set is absolutely cram-packed with Age of Sigmar goodness. With two armies and a complete rulebook, it’s a great way for new players to jump into the game – or veteran players to get up to speed on the third edition changes while filling the ranks of their legions.

Here’s a look at what’s inside:

  • 21 Stormcast Eternal Models
  • 39 Kruleboys Orruk Models
  • Exclusive Launch Edition Core Rulebook
  • 24-page Introductory Booklet
  • 14 Warscroll Cards
  • 2 Allegiance Abilities Cards

Get Yours Now

We are now taking pre-orders for not only the Dominion boxed set, but the new Age of Sigmar Core Book (if you just want the rules without the armies), and updated General’s Handbook as well. Call or stop by to reserve your copy today!