Arkham Nights is this weekend, and we have some last-minute news for those who haven’t been obsessively refreshing the event page.

Goodie Bags

Ticketed attendees will receive a bag of swag, including exclusive Arkham Nights items such as:

  • an Arkham Nights poster, 
  • A Lovecraftian card game play mat, and 
  • set of alternate-art hero and Old One cards from across the Arkham Horror Files line of games.

The bag also includes a copy of the Arkham Nights edition of Machinations Through Time, the new epic multiplayer scenario deck for the Arkham Horror LCG. (We will have a limited number of these decks available for purchase as well, in case you want to pick up an extra deck for a friend who couldn’t make it.)

Food and Drink Specials

What would an Arkham Nights event be without some special, sanity-shaking food and drink options? Sad, bland, and sane, that’s what. And we wouldn’t want that. That’s why we’re offering:

Great Old “Wons”

Wontons stuffed with old world vegetables and meat of flightless avian origin, served with a dark elixir in which to bathe the Old Wons

At the Fountains of Madness

A mixture of blood red liquids frothing within a chalice, hiding grim secrets within its crimson depths

New England Damned Chowder

Rumors speak of of infant shoggoths nesting in this bowl with tubers, fungi, and subterranean bulbs in a cream-like substance

Deep Ones Tacos

Here in shrouds of cornmeal are wrapped the spawn of Dagon, festooned with leafs and unguents of half-whispered origin

Prize Drawings

We will be holding prize drawings throughout the event. Hang onto your numbered ticket; if your number comes up, you win! (Prizes must be claimed by the end of the night, so make sure to swing by HQ if you think you may have won something.)

Sign-in starts at 4:00 on Friday. Stop in and show us your ticket to receive your badge and bag of goodies. Come early to avoid the line! Don’t have a ticket? There are still a few left – click here to buy yours now!