It’s time to pledge your allegiance!

Only one of the five families can be the ultimate power in New Capenna. Each has their own style and strategy to guarantee they come out on top. So who will you join in this battle?

The Obscura (WUB)– master manipulators who use Connive to cycle through cards and beef their warriors.

The Maestros (UBR)– blood-thirsty artists who will sacrifice their own soldiers with Casualty to copy spells.

The Riveteers (BRG)– tough as nails brawlers who Blitz to get in to the fight before you even know it has started.

The Cabaretti (RGW)– stylish hedonists who use their connections with Alliance to trigger powerful abilities for every new creature.

The Brokers (GWU)– untouchables whose Shield Counters make sure that your troubles aren’t going away easily.

Streets of New Capenna also sees the return of Hideaway, with updated rules, and accessible to all five of the families.

With stunning art-deco alt-image cards, an amazing number of new mechanics, new levels of interaction, and a storyline full of flavor and intrigue, Streets of New Capenna offers something for everyone: collectors, veteran planeswalkers, and new players alike.

The spoilers have been spoiled. The plans have been laid. The lines have been draw. The only remaining question… Who do you call family?

Available 4/22 for buy-a-box prerelease (draft and set boosters), and 4/29 for general release (draft, set, collector, bundle, and singles).

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