Join us for a thrilling three-day event battling the best of the Midwest and around the United States in the A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Super Regionals.

So grab your your minis and your dice. Time for a march to the north to hobnob with Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens, and all those other jolly Houses.

Gamezenter, sponsored by game-publisher CMON, is proud to announce the CMON A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Super Regionals on May 19 – 21, 2023. Events start at 6 pm on Friday.

Why Attend CMON A Song of Ice & Fire Super Regionals?

The road to the US National Championship rolls through Gamezenter. Come and meet fans, fellow gamers, and perhaps old and new friends. Activities for the weekend include:

  • 8 Paid entries to CMON Expo and the US National Championship 2023 among the prizes!
  • Seminars by game industry leaders
  • Westeros Trivia
  • Live demos for those wanting to learn how to play (No Ticket Necessary for demos)
  • & Lots of Fun!

Each attendee will also get their hands on the all-important goodie bag full of nice ASoIaF related surprises!

When and Where is CMON A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Super Regionals?

The Super Regionals will be held May 19 – 21, 2023 at Gamezenter. These hallowed gaming halls are where Fantasy Flight Games came of age and have seen many gaming events, tournaments, and game-designing over the years. Indeed it has tabletop gaming in its bones.

Not only is Gamezenter a terrific event-space, but also a gaming-retail and food establishment with plenty of parking and many nearby hotels.

For directions to the Gamezenter venue, please click here.

I’m Coming From Out-of-Town, Where Should I Stay?

There are a number of fine hotels in the Roseville area.

We recommend the nearby Hilton Doubletree hotel (within walking distance of Gamezenter). Rates include breakfast.

Please use the link below to see rates:

I Have Questions About This Event? What Should I Do?

Please direct all questions regarding this event to Ghost Galaxy at with the subject “CMON Super Regionals 2023”.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Tickets for CMON A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Super Regionals can be found by pointing your cursor and clicking below.