Available May 20th. New Bureau of Investigation: Investigations in Arkham and Elsewhere.

“Welcome to the Bureau of Investigation, agents! Here are five very peculiar cases. I believe the individual who reported them has a fertile imagination. If these facts prove to be true, it will take more than a strong stomach to solve them. Here are your badges… Good luck!”

Structured on the rules of the popular Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Bureau of Investigations takes you to America in the 1920s and the world of Cthulhu. Five bizarre and disturbing cases will test the utter limits of your deductive ability. You will need to work as a team, poring over maps, newspaper clippings and other clues, to solve the mystery.

Each action you take will guide you through the scenario book. But choose your actions wisely. You only get so many before time runs out and you must make your best guess to solve the case.

Fans of puzzle games and cooperative storytelling are sure to find an enjoyable challenge as each case ramps up the difficulty and adds new twists and mechanics.

Available at The Gamezenter or for order online on May 20th!