Everyone should be playing your favorite game, right?

We feel the same way about our favorite games. That’s why The Gamezenter is always looking for new community partners to help us host regular organized play events that build bridges to current players and draw in new players that can be the next wave of ambassadors.

Is your game a new hidden gem that needs to be discovered? Is your game no longer supported but still has an avid fanbase? Is your game an old standard that just isn’t getting its fair shake at game stores?

Are you passionate about creating an open and inviting space for gamers, new and old? Can you infect a crowd with fun and excitement through your love of your game? Are you looking for a place to build a community within the larger gaming community?

Then please let us know that you’d like to be a Community Event partner. At Gamezenter, there’s nothing we love more than providing space for you to host your public gaming events! Whether you’re teaching your favorite board game, running a public RPG, or setting up a spot for your miniatures club to wage war, we’ve got you covered!

You provide passion, knowledge, and the foundation of a welcoming and open community; we’ll provide dedicated space, promotion, and support (plus some free food to keep your energy up).

What is a Community Event?: Open to all. Free of charge. Educational to new players. A welcoming and bridge building space for established gamers to connect and for newer gamers to discover a new passion.

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