Earlier this week some of the staff here at The Gamezenter started playing Desert Island Games- where we answered the age old question, “If you could have just one game with you while stranded on a desert island, what would it be?”

Of course we decided that this desert island would have to be more of a Gilligan situation than a Castaway one. Gotta have more than just yourself and a volleyball sitting at the bamboo, gaming table, right?

It was fun to hear everyone’s choices and the reason why. One reason quickly became a recurring theme- replayability.  Some games had simple mechanics that favored strategic replay, like Lost Cities and Coup. Other games varied in lay out and game course every time you played, like Fallout and Carcassonne. Then there are the games that pack so much in the box, that they provide months of play that build on previous sessions, like Gloomhaven. Finally, there are the games, like Dungeons & Dragons, that provide the structure for unlimited world building and endless play.

Replayability is certainly important on a desert island but it’s only one part of what you might be looking for in games on your game shelf at home. Length, tone, complexity, teachability? Our staff are here to share their knowledge on all of these aspects from the assortment in our retail store to make sure that your shelf holds the ultimate game library for you. We are always eager to share our knowledge, experience and passion for games.

You can see more staff Desert Island selections and their reasons why by following Gamezenter on Facebook (@GZgamezenter), Twitter (@gamezenter) or Instagram (@gzgamezenter). We’d also love to hear your pick and reason why. So share on social media or stop in and talk to our Game Experts.