When we announced the Gamezenter remodeling and showed off a blueprint of Things To Come, my geeky brain took one look at that thing and said, “That should be a dungeon map!”

As fate would have it, I share an office with an amazing graphic designer, who agreed (“Yeah, that should totally be a dungeon map.”), and worked his magic to convert the blueprint into an old-school map straight out of 1983.

While we haven’t filled out the room descriptions, we did come up with a fun backstory that might help inspire anyone looking to do so:

The Fallen Monastery of Geezee

For centuries, the remote Monastery of Geezee was known for its pious monks and their magical, mushroom-based potions. The monastery fell a year ago when a noble insisted that his lord father (a huge fan of the monks’ potions) be buried in their tombs. The monks reluctantly agreed. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to all, the deceased was buried with a cursed medallion that raised the dead and filled them with rage. The monks sealed up some of the angry dead, but many monks were killed in the process, and turned into undead themselves.

Today, the monastery lies in ruin. Undead lurk about, looking for prey, while various other monsters feed on the mushrooms that have overgrown the place. While the mushrooms themselves are valuable, the last batch of potion is worth thousands of gold pieces. Numerous adventurers have sought the place in hopes of retrieving the potions, but the wisest ones seek the most priceless treasure of all: the potions’ recipes.

If you end up using the map for own dungeon, please send me a copy because (a) that’s pretty cool, and (b) it would be fun to share it with our GZ community.

(Hmm… now I’m wondering how to stat up a squad of mushroom-addled ogres with access to expired potions…)