Crack Packs and Skulls in Upcoming Magic Drafts and Sealed Events

Exciting new events and cards are coming to Magic: The Gathering, and Gamezenter is excited to host!

First up is the Harvesttide Festival! In this two-headed giant event, players team up and open 4 packs each of Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow to craft two 40-card decks, and Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans settle the score on the dance floor.

Ryan Chimzar is hosting another curated draft experience on Saturday, November 4th with Vintage Masters! This is an incredible opportunity to draft the most powerful cards from all of Magic’s history. Players have previously enjoyed a “core set” draft of Ryan’s own design, and we’re excited to have him back again!

Lost Caverns of Ixalan surfaces in November with 2 opportunities to play limited formats. On Friday, November 10th, Gamezenter will host the Prerelease, a sealed-deck tournament where players open 6 booster packs to craft 40 card decks to play with. On Sunday, November 12th, you’ll have your first chance to Draft Lost Caverns of Ixalan at Gamezenter!

Wilds of Eldraine still has draft opportunities coming, with the next chance on Sunday, October 22nd. Stay tuned for more drafts of this new favorite format in the near future!

Check out these events and more on our upcoming events page HERE!

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