One of the great things about attending Gen Con, whether the mothership in Indianapolis, or one of its satellite pop-up events, is the chance to check out games so new, you can’t find them anywhere else.

This weekend, Gamezenter is proud to premiere one such game from our friends at Pegasus Spiele: My Farm Shop.

In My Farm Shop, the players manage their own competing farm shops, where they grow crops, make products, and sell them for profit. Each round, the player roll dice and determine actions not only for themselves, but for all the other players as well. Even when it’s not your turn, you’ve still got choices to make and things to do.

My Farm Shop has been a hit game in Europe for months, but is only now arriving in North America – and we have it here first at Gamezenter! Stop by our Pop-Up Gen Con this weekend for a chance to learn the rules, and be one of the first in the country to buy your own copy of this highly acclaimed game!