The Gamezenter Daypass

Gamezenter features a huge open game space–ideal for board, card. and miniatures games (role-playing games are not recommended in our game space due to sound concerns). The space includes our amazing custom-built counter-height miniatures gaming tables, miniatures terrain, our huge selection of board and card games, and dozens other tables ready for you and your friends.

Access to our open game space requires players to get a Gamezenter Daypass available in the following ways:

Daypass Purchase

Customers can receive free daypasses for purchases made in excess of $10. A daypass may also be purchased for $10/per person. For each daypass purchased, you will receive a $10 Gamezenter coupon by email, redeemable for up to $10 in games merchandise, food & drink in store, valid for up to 90 days after purchase.

Paid Event Attendee

Each participant in a paid Gamezenter event will receive a complimentary daypass upon payment of the event entry-fee. Free events do not qualify for a complimentary daypasses unless specifically stated.

Subscribed Members

Active Gamezenter Members are eligible for a complimentary daypass each day of the week (when we are open). Membership subscriptions can be purchased here.

In addition, each active member may “bring a friend” to receive a complimentary daypass (limit one per day).

Members will also be able to make 1 free Table Reservation/month. Reserve a table here.

Members are also eligible for a 10% discount on all non-discounted merchandise- Including new products!

Learn more about Gamezenter membership here.

Private Game Room Rental

Each private game room rental comes with a number of free daypasses (actual number of daypasses depends room size).

Frequently Asked Daypass Questions:

How and when do I get the game merchandise coupon?
Our system automatically generates the coupon after purchase and will email it to you within a short time (typically minutes, but could take upwards to an hour).

Can I combine my game merchandise coupons?
Yes, your daypass coupons may be combined towards any game merchandise purchase. For example, you may combine four $10 game merchandise coupons for up to $40 credit against any game merchandise purchase.

Can I use free daypasses from purchases or room rentals at a later date?
No, Daypasses are only valid on the day of purchase or rental.

Can I purchase daypasses for my friends? If so, what happens with the game merchandise coupons?
Yes. If you purchase multiple game passes on a given day, you will receive an equal number of game merchandise coupons, each redeemable for up $10 in game merchandise. For example, when you purchase five daypasses, you will receive an email containing five $10 game merchandise coupons.

I’m already paying to participate in an event at Gamezenter (Magic: The Gathering Commander, for example). Do I need a daypass?
No, all paid events at Gamezenter includes a complimentary daypass

I’m running an approved community event at Gamezenter, will I need a daypass? Will my participants?
Community event organizers typically qualify for a complimentary daypass and other benefits. Unless it is a paid event sponsored by Gamezenter, event participants will need to procure a daypass to enter the open game areas. Please contact us here if you’d like to convert your event into a sponsored Gamezenter event.

I want to rent a private game room, do my guests and I need to get daypasses?
Each private game room comes with a number of complimentary daypasses (the number of complimentary daypasses depends on the size of the room, go here to learn more).

Can I give my game merchandise coupon to someone else?
Your coupon is locked to your personal account to ensure that a third party that gains access to the unique code cannot use it. However, if you want to transfer your coupon to another account, we can do that at the register (you will need to provide an ID and the original coupon).

Policies governing daypasses and game merchandise coupons can be found here.