We are pleased to announce that the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville has re-opened to full hours and an open kitchen under new management and a new name: Gamezenter.

The name may have changed, but Gamezenter remains dedicated to providing the premier tabletop gaming experience for Minnesota gamers.

  • Play your next board, miniatures, or roleplaying game in our massive open gaming area.
  • Enjoy hot food, cold beer, and delicious coffee drinks from our in-house kitchen.
  • Browse our wide selection of tabletop games, where you’re sure to find something for yourself or the gamer in your life.

But that’s not all! Now you can shop at Gamezenter.com even if you’re not local. Check out our new online store for thousands of products — many of which are rare and out of print.

While Gamezenter may technically be new on the Twin Cities gaming scene, its roots go back more than a decade.

In 2008, Gamezenter began its life as the Fantasy Flight Games Center, the brain-child of Christian T. Petersen of Fantasy Flight Games. This was not a small facility, and sported many of the same features that remain today: open game tables, retail, food, and events. Yet the location wasn’t ideal, and it lacked three key elements: hot food, cold beer, and more space!

Four years later, the Fantasy Flight Games Center moved to its current location and expanded four-fold, adding a commercial kitchen, craft coffee, draft beer, and a huge event space. From its bedrock of loyal patrons, the Games Center 2nd Edition was a big success that drew thousand of visitors a week, and host a great variety of events for FFG and the local community.

Fast forward to 2020. Christian T. Petersen, now the head of a venture firm Strange Stars Entertainment (and a gamer at heart), felt that the Game Center still had unmet potential. He was therefore thrilled to negotiate a purchase of the business and the creation of a new company Gamezenter, Inc.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll be playing under our roof!