For Disney Fans and TCG Players alike, the release of Disney’s Lorcana TCG has been the most exciting event of the season, and possibly the whole year! That’s why Gamezenter is proud to announce the start of the Lorcana League. The first Lorcana League Event will take place this Sunday (8/27/23) from 10am-6pm CST.

The First Season Lorcana League will take place over the course of 12 weeks total. A League Round will consist of 4 weeks within that 12 week period, for a total of 3 rounds. Illumineers are encouraged to attend the league regularly, as accruing more points during the League Season can grant players a chance to win promotional prizes, more booster packs, and make friends within the community!

While Disney’s Lorcana League at Gamezenter is casual in nature, those seeking a competitive playstyle can still find benefits to participating in Gamezenter’s Lorcana League. For instance, winning consistently at these events accrues additional League points, meaning a much greater chance of winning promotional items and additional packs throughout the Season. See the list below for a breakdown of how Illumineers can earn League Points.

  • Sign up for a League Round: 1 point
  • Win a match: 2 points
  • Lose a match: 1 point
  • Teach someone how to play Lorcana in the store: 2 points
  • Bring someone new to play in the League: 1 point

Click the link below to view Gamezenter’s Official Event posting for more information on the Lorcana League.