Gamezenter wants you!

Specifically, we want you to run your next public gaming event in our spacious gaming area.

Maybe you’re teaching your favorite board game to anyone who wants to learn to play. Maybe your miniatures game club needs some tables and terrain on which to wage their weekly war. Or maybe you need a spot to host your official (or unofficial) organized play event. Whatever gaming activity you’re into, we would love to help you host it here at Gamezenter.

Oh, sure. You could try to cram everyone into Jim’s mom’s basement, but Gamezenter offers:

  • a variety of drinks and snacks,
  • hot food from the kitchen,
  • long hours (we’re open until 11:00 most days), and
  • plenty of space to play in.

And you don’t have to worry about breaking any of those antiques Jim’s mom keeps in the basement.

So if you’ve got an open gaming event, fill out this form, let us know what you need, and we’ll add you to our event schedule.

(Note that this is only for public gaming events. If all you need is a space for your weekly RPG group, feel free to just show up, grab an empty table, order a basket of fries, and get to gaming!)