Here at Gamezenter, we love miniature battle games. We also appreciate the gamers who not only play the games, but invest their time in building and painting intricate models and custom terrain.

That’s why we’re adding Tactical Tuesday to our regular roster of in-store events.

Every Tuesday, to celebrate and support you, the miniatures gamer, we are transforming a portion of the store into a miniatures-gaming wonderland:

  • We’re setting aside extra tables in the open gaming area for playing miniatures games. Don’t forget: we’ve got several battlefields’ worth of terrain freely available for you to use in your games.
  • We’re arranging group painting areas, so you can share paint and tips with your friends and fellow hobbyists. Our painting tables are set up near the windows for maximum natural light, and outfitted with powerful, adjustable lamps for painting after dark.
  • At multiple points throughout the night, we’ll be giving away prizes to random miniatures gamers. If you’re rolling dice or slinging paint, you’ll be eligible to win models, paints, or other prizes.

Tactical Tuesday is also a great time for you to recruit players for your favorite game by holding open play sessions or running demo games. To get your miniatures event on the schedule, sign up on the community events page, and we’ll get you set up.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to dust off that army you haven’t touched since 2019, or to meet up with your minis-gaming group somewhere a bit more spacious than your buddy’s basement, Tactical Tuesday is it.

We’re looking forward to seeing you here, at your gaming destination!

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