With a three day convention celebrating the game and new hero decks releasing today, this truly is a weekend dedicated to Marvel Champions.

The Gamezenter is pleased to welcome the Con of Heroes. This convention has been built from the ground up, by fans for fans. So it is chocked full of fun, excitement and camaraderie. There are giant group scenarios, swag and raffles for awesome gear and accessories, and table after table of open play. The energy in our Sirius Event Hall is contagious as 100+ fans of the game wage their battles of good versus evil.

And this weekend celebration coincides with the release of two brand new Hero Decks for Marvel Champions LCG. Was it through sheer serendipity or masterful strategic planning? Only our convention organizers will ever know. But certainly Ironheart and Nova will be seeing their fair share of play time as players get their first looks at these long awaited heroes. Ironheart and Nova decks are available now at the Gamezenter.

According to the Con of Heroes organizers, they were inspired by the Con of the Rings, another fan run event based around the Lord of the Rings LCG. Both of these groups saw a gap in what organized play was being offered and what they wanted to see. Gamezenter is thrilled to partner with these enthusiastic organizers for their events in 2022 and those planned for 2023. If you are a fan of a game that you think is under-supported, take inspiration from these two cons and consider being the next fan based event that Gamezenter hosts. We’d love to hear from you.