THE CRUCIBLE NEEDS YOU to attend the most excellent KeyForge event of the year (perhaps of all time?)

So grab your decks, your vault-meter, and your warm æmberwear: The frozen north awaits!

Ghost Galaxy and Gamezenter are proud to announce that we will host the inaugural KeyForge: Celebration event on November 11th-13th, 2022.


Why Attend KeyForge Celebration?

KeyForge Celebration is an event all about KeyForge, the Crucible realms, and the community of fans and players. Activities include:

  • Keynote presentation from Ghost Galaxy
  • KeyForge: Sealed Tournament*
  • KeyForge: Alliance Tournament
  • KeyForge: Archon Tournament
  • Second Chance Tournaments
  • Previews of the new KeyForge: Winds of Exchange set
  • The very first, unrestrained, entirely broken, madness-inducing, ultra-casual sealed deck tournament with KeyForge: Unchained decks*
  • Darkest-nightmare modes of 3-player KeyForge: Adventures Rise of the Keyraken and the Abyssal Conspiracy
  • Venture into the dusty malice that is the Gormengeist mansion in next KeyForge: Adventures installment: Fall of the House Gormengeist
  • Casual play and meet-other-players connector

Each attendee will also get their hands on the all-important goodie bag full of nice Crucible-flavored things and surprises! Oh, and there’ll be cool tournament prizes too, of course!

* Additional fee of $25 apply to each sealed deck event, decks to be provided.

New Tournament Formats

After Ghost Galaxy acquired the KeyForge game in June ’22, they have been working to revamp the KeyForge tournament formats.

KeyForge Celebration will act as “Sneak Peak” of Ghost Galaxy’s core competitive formats: Sealed, Alliance, and Archon. To prepare for the 2023 KeyForge organized play season, Ghost Galaxy hopes to collect participant feedback on these formats at the event, as well as player thoughts on updated tournament rules and code of conduct.

Learn more about the new KeyForge Tournament formats here.

When and Where is KeyForge Celebration 2022?

KeyForge Celebration 2022 is to held November 11th – 13th, 2022.

The event will be hosted at Gamezenter, near the Ghost Galaxy offices. These hallowed gaming halls was where Fantasy Flight Games came of age and have seen many gaming events, tournaments, and game-designing over the years. Indeed it has tabletop gaming in its bones. Not only is Gamezenter a terrific event-space, but also a gaming-retail and food establishment with plenty of parking and many nearby hotels.

For directions to the Gamezenter venue, please click here.

I’m Coming From Out-of-Town, where should I stay?

There are a number of fine hotels in the Roseville area.

We recommend the nearby Hilton Doubletree hotel (within walking distance of Gamezenter). We have negotiated special rates for a block of rooms for KeyForge Celebration attendees. Rates include breakfast.

Please use the link below to access the special rates:

Roseville Hilton Doubletree Special Rates

I Have Questions About this Event? What should I do?

Please direct all questions regarding this event to Ghost Galaxy at with the subject “KeyForge Celebration 2022”.

Where do I sign up?

Tickets for KeyForge Celebration 2022 can be found by pointing your browser here. [Link]


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