If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play Twilight Imperium, the epic board game of galactic conquest, here’s your chance! What’s more, you can learn the rules from none other than Christian Petersen, the game’s designer!

Twilight Imperium, now on its fourth edition, has a long history at Gamezenter. Shortly after the store opened its doors as the Fantasy Flight Games Center, a group of players arrived to play the flagship Fantasy Flight game–and have continued to gather and play Twilight Imperium on a regular basis ever since. Even now, years later, you can join the gathering of galactic conquerors who show up to play every week.

Whether you would like to take your place among these stalwart space generals, or just get up to speed on the new edition so you can play with your friends, this event will be a fun introduction to Twilight Imperium. Read all about it here on the event page and get ready to battle for control of the Gamezenter galaxy.