Updated and new models releasing 6/10.

Whether your heroes have been fighting the good fight for years and need a little tune up, or if your bad guys have been pushed around one too many times and are really ready to bring it, the new Marvel Crisis Protocol sets have something for you.

A slew of classic characters gets a much needed update with Card Pack 2022. Featuring 24 updated stat cards for some of the game’s earliest heroes and villains, Card Pack 2022 refreshes some of the game’s most iconic characters. And with updated versions of 74 essential Team Tactic cards and copies of all six Infinity Gems here’s everything you need to power up your teams and claim victory!

But the bad guys aren’t gonna take things lying down. Two new sets will help to unlock the full potential of the Black Order. The Black Order Squad Pack brings together the characters originally found in CP15 – Corvus Glaive & Proxima Midnight and CP19 – Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw. In addition to miniatures of each of these characters, this pack also includes stat cards featuring updated graphic design for all four as well as all of the Team Tactic cards found in the original packs. And the Black Order gets even more powerful allies with the Black Swan and Supergiant minis set, making them an even more formidable fighting force.

Finally, boost your terrain game with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet Terrain Pack and become fully immersed in the awesomeness of your battlefield.

Check out these new releases and all of the Marvel Crisis Protocol minis and terrain sets here.