Good news! Gamezenter now offers a membership program for local customers who want to get more from their favorite game store.

Bad news! Our lawyers won’t let us swear in new members with blood oaths pledged beneath the full moon. Sorry, folks. We tried.

Even without blood oaths, members can still score some sweet benefits:

  • Online Price Match: Our retail store generally sells merchandise at MSRP, while our website often discounts products sold online. Members can take advantage of those discounts, and any other GZ online promotions, when shopping at Gamezenter in person.
  • In-store Pickup: If a member orders something from our extensive online catalog, they can eliminate the shipping cost and just pick it up at the store.
  • And More: Members can also reserve special tables, access special games, score free food when renting private rooms, and more!

Check out the details and costs on the membership page, and see what a Gamezenter membership can do for you.