It has been one hundred years since the Shadow fell. A century ago, the forces of darkness swept down from the North. They crushed the free cities of Humanity, drove the Elves back into the depths of the forests, and besieged the Dwarves in their mountain holds. Now the corrupted lieutenants of a dark God rule these broken kingdoms with an iron fist, while hunting down those brave few who still struggle defiantly against the evil that consumes their world.

In this new edition of Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, based on the 5th Ed SRD and compatible with D&D 5e, you become the hero that stands against the tide of The Shadow. Follow your heroic path to become a hero worthy of legend, and take the fight to the fell legions of Izrador and his legate lieutenants! With…

  • 13 new race options that are unique to the Midnight setting
  • An heroic paths system that develops your hero into a legend
  • Special spells and feats designed to take on the challenges of the world of Midnight
  • A richly detailed guide to the history and cultures of the land, and
  • A host of adversary profiles to challenge your champion from 1st to 20th level

… this massive tome (over 350 pages) immerses you in the world of Midnight and the land of Eredane.

Do you have what it takes to keep alive the faint spark of hope against the ever growing Darkness? Enter the world of Midnight and find out. Available May 27th, 2022.

You must have a copy of the 5th Ed SRD or equivalent source of rules to play.