Earlier in the week, we looked at the upcoming release of the new edition of Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, an update of this world and story to the 5e rules system.

But today we’re going to get a little more personal, because seeing this game back in the Gamezenter is like welcoming an old friend home after years of away. After all, the first two editions of Midnight were created under the same roof that now houses Gamezenter. It’s been about twenty years now since the first printing of Midnight, but its presence is still well remembered, and its return is warmly welcomed.

The Midnight legacy runs more deeply than just the words on the pages of those first two editions. All of the studio sessions of the indy movie, Midnight Chronicles, based on that game world were shot right here on location alongside the Gamezenter. Regular visitors to the Gamezenter may recognize some of the crew in the production shots below as current contributors to the Gamezenter experience. The sets and props may be long gone but the creators and legacy remain.

Click here or on the movie poster to view the full movie.