It turns out there is an “I” in “team.” It’s right between the “K” and “LL” in the work “KILL.”

That’s right! Kill Team is back! 

The popular Warhammer 40,000 skirmish game has been redesigned from the ground up, and Kill Team: Octarius is the perfect place to start your campaign of clandestine missions. This incredible boxed set includes two full kill teams – Veteran Guardsmen of the Death Korps of Krieg and cunning Ork Kommandos – alongside all the rules, terrain, and accessories you need to start playing.

It’s hitting the store on August 28. Make sure you don’t miss out by pre-ordering your copy today!

This boxed set includes:

  • 144-page Kill Team Core Book
  • 96-page Kill Team Octarius War Manual Book
  • 23x Citadel Miniatures ( Two full kill teams of Veteran Guardsmen and Ork Kommandos)
  • 17x Terrain Pieces
  • 3x Combat Gauges
  • Additional Accessories (a double-sided game mat, two decks of 27 Tactical Ops cards, and 10 dice)

Call or stop by Gamezenter to reserve your copy today!