It’s happening!

After months of planning, discussion, panic, and even more last-minute planning, construction has started on the Gamezenter remodeling plan!

Right now, the construction is limited to the event space in the back. So while you might hear some ominous whirring, crunching, and pounding as you browse the shelves or hang out in the gaming area with your friends and a plate of fries, you probably won’t see the construction in action…

…which is why we’re happy to share some process pics.

Tear it Down!

The first step of the remodel is to remove the rear wall of the event space. Here you can see how it looks with the bottom section chopped out. (If you look closely, you can see Jon Snow moping because he really loves walls, and hates to see them destroyed.)

From the Inside Out

Here’s another shot of the half-wall, taken from the other side. 

Built it Up!

Now that the back wall is gone, the crew has started building up the walls that will eventually turn one square space into two rectangular spaces. Behold the skeleton of things to come!

More Skeletons!

We were able to sneak in for one last bit of documentary photography before the crew chased us off for not wearing hardhats. We’ll try to slip in again tomorrow to keep everyone posted on the progress. 

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