Professional comedian and board game fan Grant Lyon is coming to Gamezenter!

Described by San Francisco Weekly as “a hilariously sharp observer, not one of those tired white-guy bellyachers,” Grant was once a collegiate soccer player. He decided to pursue a career on stage instead of on the field, and that decision’s been rewarded by being chosen as a New Face in comedy at the Just For Laughs Festival, winning the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and being a finalist in the Big Sky Festival.

His debut board game, Curmudgeon, came out in 2020, published by 25th Century Games. A huge lover of board games, Grant hosts a weekly series on his YouTube channel called Grant’s Game Recs, short and funny videos about good games.

Come see Grant bring his wit to the world of dice, cards, and meeples at Gamezenter on September 25th. Get your tickets now!