An Era Passes, Another Begins!

Since the Gamezenter business was launched (all the way back in 2009), we have provided awesome gaming space to our customers. This was generally provided at no charge with the understanding that patrons using the facilities would purchase gaming merchandise at the store. Sadly, times have changed, not only with respect to fundamental changes in how games are purchased (such as Kickstarter), but also in baseline cost of retail with respect to rent, labor, materials, and energy.

In light of this reality, starting April 3rd, 2023, use of our open gaming spaces will require a Gamezenter Daypass.

How do I get a daypass? There are a few different ways:

Purchase a Daypass

Daypasses may be purchased for $10/per person for the day. The good news is that, for each daypass purchased, you’ll receive a $10 coupon by email, redeemable for up to $10 in games merchandise in store, valid for up to 90 days after purchase.

Event Attendee

Each participant in a Gamezenter event will receive a free daypass upon payment of the event entry-fee. Free events do not qualify for a daypass unless specifically stated.

Private Game Room Rental

Each private game room rental comes with a number of free daypasses (actual number of daypasses depends room size).

You may learn more about Gamezenter Daypass policies here.


We realize this may be an inconvenience to those valued customers who’ve made Gamezenter a nexus of their gaming for many years. However, we hope those same customers will understand the need to fund the ongoing operation and continuous improvement of the open gaming rooms.

EDIT: Redemption period for game merchandise coupon increased to 90 days, per customer feedback.