A new name with old roots.

You’ll have noticed that the Fantasy Flight Games Center is no more! It is now Gamezenter and under new ownership…. Well, sort of.

The people behind the new Gamezenter were actually the original founders, owners, and staff of Fantasy Flight Games and the creators of the original Game Center. In fact, many of our staff are FFG expats. We invite you to read about the history of the Gamezenter here!

What about that name? Gamezenter. What is up with that?

In the twin cities area, and among the FFG staff, the gathering place, restaurant, and retail store was mostly known as just “the Game Center”.  Unfortunately, the plain “Game Center” is just too generic a term to make sense for the new business. Christian T. Petersen, original founder of FFG and now an owner of Gamezenter, had the idea to combine three positive words: “Game”, “Zen” and “Enter” — the amalgamation of which be something both old and new (and interesting): Gamezenter! Yay!