Here at Gamezenter, our enormous open gaming area hosts hundreds of games a week.

While many of those game are friends meeting up to play their tabletop favorites while partaking in classic food and drinks, a good number of those games are recurring, public gaming events, and we’re proud to host them week after week.

What’s that? You’re not up to speed on our weekly events? Stay a while and listen, and we’ll clue you in.

Tactical Tuesday

Every Tuesday evening is a celebration of miniatures gaming! We regularly have groups playing Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Warhammer 40K, and other games, and they’re always looking for more opponents. New player? Come learn to play! Or if painting is more your style, we’ve got dedicated painting spaces for you and your friends as well!

Board Game Meetup

While board gamers are always welcome to come play in our open gaming area, Wednesday nights sees the Twin Cities Board Game Group bring a little structure to the proceedings. Players are welcome to try new games, test their skill at old favorites, or bring out those classics that never seem to hit the table often enough at home. New players (and new games!) are always welcome!

Smash Ultimate Weeklies

Just beyond the open gaming area is the Gamezenter event room, where on Thursday nights you can find some of the best Smash Brothers players in the area duking it out for glory and prizes. You can join the battle by registering for the latest “Advantage State” tournament here.

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday night, Magic: the Gathering players gather at Gamezenter for drafts, Commander, or other events. Exactly what type of event we’ll be having varies from week to week (and might include the occasional pre-release event), so you’ll want to check out the calendar so you know what to expect. Remember: you can always save time by pre-registering for FNM using the Magic app and the code from the event.

Keyforge at Gamezenter

Saturday afternoons, Gamezenter becomes a metaphorical Crucible in which players forge their keys in the unique deck card game Keyforge. Events alternate between Archon events (in which players bring their own decks) and sealed events (in which players purchase and play with new decks). Newcomers are always welcome, and rules will be taught to those just learning to play.