Join the World’s Biggest & Best Warhammer Club

By joining The White Dwarf Bunker at Gamezenter, you can meet with the Local Warhammer 40K Community and explore monthly toolkits, scenarios, and challenges aimed at gaming groups around the globe. The White Dwarf offers unique Bunker Challenges, Scenarios of the Month, Leagues & Campaigns, & much more! Visit the official White Dwarf Article for more details. This month’s kickoff event: The Combat Patrol League!

Score points for every Bunker scenario you play, every Bunker Club event you participate in, every unit you paint for the club event, and more! Every issue of the White Dwarf comes with a challenge tracker card, and by participating in these activities you can earn points and rank up from Trooper to Castellan, then share your rank and score online with your friends and in your local satellite club. Each issue of The Bunker provides monthly scenarios for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, and Warcry.

Those interested in joining should contact Magan Hinderaker: