At Gamezenter, tabletop gaming is in our bones. We take pride in featuring as many aspects of the tabletop hobby as we can fit under our roof.

Below are some examples of the many activities you may encounter when visiting us.

Open Gaming

Gamezenter is awash in open gaming space! Come join our patrons as they play board games, card games, roleplaying games, miniature games, and everything in between. Our goal is to bring the energy, fun, and thrill of convention gaming where gamer laughter, camaraderie, and discovery is at its best.

Don’t forget about our games library! Patrons in our open game area may find both old or new favorites from huge selection of available games (there is no charge to use the games in our library).

Miniatures Painting

A key part of the miniatures hobby is the craft of painting your miniatures and creating beautiful terrain. You can give your painting the attention it deserves at Gamezeter, where we provide dedicated painting tables with attached lighting and a priming station for getting those minis ready for the loving attention of your brush.

Leagues and Organized Play

Many games provide ongoing engagement by way of leagues, casual evenings, and organized tournaments. Gamezenter offers a wide variety of these activities for Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, Living Card Games, and more.

Many of our customers also organize frequent gatherings or creative campaigns for their favorite hobby games, hoping that you’ll join them. Visit our Events page to check out what’s coming up, or to schedule your own events at Gamezenter.

Come See For Yourself!

Gamezenter is open every day and most nights (see our business hours here). If you’re new to gaming or want to know more about Gamezenter, our friendly staff would be happy to introduce you to our place and the hobby.

Miniature Games

Looking for a battleground? Gamezenter provides the most amazing tabletop miniature gaming tables in the state, each 8′ by 4′ and counter-height (to preserve your back). In addition, we have a substantial range of miniatures terrain features available to use.

So whether you’re commanding your troops to fight their way across a grimdark millennium, slicing through the star-filled void as rebels against the empire, or leading your darling beasties against the pink-skinned steel-clad bipeds, Gamezenter is thrilled to see your forces marshalled on our tables (even better when they’re beautifully painted)!

Come Learn!

Gamezenter tries to keep an ongoing schedule of fun lessons and seminars in topics as varied as miniatures painting, how to be a great Game Master, and “learn-to-play” sessions for a variety of games. It’s never too late to start gaming, or to catch up on the new game that’s caught your eye.

Peruse our Event Schedule for learning sessions that may be of interest to you. Learning is great, but learning with others is even greater!

Large Events

If everyday gaming is the bread and butter of the hobby, major events are the spice and seasoning.

Adjoining our open game area is Gamezenter’s huge event space. Here we host major gaming tournaments, premeries, and other functions. Over the years, this amazing space has hosted major tournaments such as the Netrunner and Star Wars: X-Wing world championships, as well as community and personal events such as fundraisers and weddings. If you’re interesting in hosting your event at Gamezenter, more information can be found here.